Content Creation

what we do

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Print design
  • infographics
  • Presentation slides etc.

People are visual beings and visual content helps them to digest your message easily which increases engagament. This is a powerful tool in markerting because its easy to convert an engaged audience into paying customers. Content also gives an impression of being knowlegable in the subject thus making your business an authourity in the industry

We understand that as a business owneror Markerting manager content creation can get overwhelming and having an inhouse team can be expensive, but luckily - The Gifted Agency has got your back.

our process

  • 1. Creative Brief

    This part of the process is to gather more information about the client through a creative brief.

    This helps us understand the the clients needs, their company,their audience and their expectations.

  • 2. brainstorming

    We brainstorm ideas and concepts that will pave the way to achieve the objectives laid out in the creative brief.

  • 3. Execution & refining

    Then it's the fun part, executing the ideas and concepts.

    We start sketching on paper, then move to work in design programmes to refine the concepts.

  • 4. Presentation & feedback

    With the project refined and polished, we prepare a presentation showing how the project assets work in real world situations i.e. how it will look when printed or on an application.

    Once the presentation is finished we listen to feedback from the clients. Depending on the clients response we move straight delivery of the project assets or back to the drawing board for iterations and revisions.

  • 5. Delivery

    Once the client is happy with the project when the prepare the final project assets and send them off.


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