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Disability is Not an inconvenience

Ladies on wheels is an organisation that seeks to change attitudes towards people with disabilities through community involvement, media and a modelling agency.

They came to us seeking help with crafting a brand that would connect the organisation with its audience as well as the corporate and government sector.


brand development

Our approach to this project was to create a visual identity, marketing collateral and messaging that reflects on the core of their mission while inspiring confidence, independence and pride.

Inspired by the organisations' slogan, we embarked on creating a logo that would be a symbol of pride for women living with disabilities. We created a monogram representing a wheelchair with a crown thus telling a story of how Ladies On Wheels changes the perception of wheelchair being an inconvenience to "a throne on wheels".

Corporate identity
Catalogue Design

collateral design

We then expanded the logo into a holistic brand identity keeping a consistent colour palette, layout, typography and tone of voice that communicates the organisations' message on print and in social media.

company profile design
company profile design
event program Design
flyer design
Facebook Cover design
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