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The Gifted Agency (aka the business stylists) is a brand first agency. We build brands from the ground up ensuring that your business not only looks and sounds good but delivers your company's promise in every touchpoint.

Employing Strategy and creativity, we help businesses build brand experiences that connect, engage and inspire their audiences while affecting their bottom-line.

We work with any size companies from start-ups looking to find their voice and place in a competitive landscape to Giants looking to rebrand or further dominate their respective industries.

"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stores and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another."

— Seth Godin —

Why you should invest in branding

  • 1. A good brand increses recognition

    In a market full of competition, a brand can help your business stand out and be recognized. Recognition breeds familiarity between your business and its customers.

  • 2. Increase in business value

    A brand can take up to 75% of your company's asset value. Think Uber - a cab-hailing service that is valued at $90bilion- yet it doesn't own any car that we use every day, much of the company's value can be attributed to its brand.

  • 3. Employee pride and satisfaction

    Employee working for a well established and reputable brands feel more pride in doing their job. When the brand values are aligned with theirs, they are more likely to feel like they belong in the business which increase their satisfaction in the job they do.

  • 4. Generates new revenue

    Social proof is a powerful tool in markerting. Customers are more likely to recommend or refer to a brand that raises their social status and delivered on the promise made, thus helping business generate new and qualified leads.

  • 5. Creating trust in the market place

    First impressions count, and a professional image can help build trust with your customers and potential customers. A well-developed brand makes you seem knowledgeable in the industry you operate in, thus prompting customers to trust your services or products.

our process

    how we build brands

  • 1. We listen

    Solving any problem starts with asking questions and listening. In the branding process, this happens through discovery.

    We first discover who you are, what you stand for, and what your goals are. The discover session gives us an in-depth view of the company and its people resulting in insights to conduct research and develop strategies for success

  • 2. we research

    After getting to know your company, we conduct research to gain insights on what's trending in your industry and your competition so we can craft strategies to help your business dominate.

  • 3. We Strategize

    Using the company's vision and USP, we develop strategies on the positioning and messaging that will ensure that the company's communications have a unified tone in all touchpoints. simply, we plan and create the perception the audience will conjure up when the brand is mentioned or seen.

  • 4. We Design

    Now that the foundation is in place, we develop the visual expression of the brand. We create mood boards, exploring multiple design solutions, then present to the clients to decide. Once the direction has been chosen, we design and refine over a series of creative review round. We then finalize everything for application and launch.

  • 5. We guide

    We then create a Style guide, a document that ensures consistent use of the brand assets in all touchpoints. This is not an exhaustive document as it can be updated and expanded upon.

  • 6. We help you launch

    The final step, We help the company launch the new identity. We work with them internally in the adoption of the new brand by the company's stakeholders, as well as consultation on the signage, sales assets and, marketing assets. We don't have to part ways at this point, we can continue making magic together.


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