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Specialized Resource Mangement is a company that connects unemployed youth with scholarships sponsored by companies from the private sector.

They came to us seeking help in spreading their message and developing a complete corporate image.

Corporate Identity

building a bridge in communications.

The company's need to appeal to different sectors posed a challenge of segmenting communications between the public, private sector, and the youth while keeping a consistent visual identity.

To solve this we used a predetermined colour palette and logo. We extracted the properties of the gold colour and used it as a dominant colour in all communications that target the youth, with the blue being dominant in corporate communications. We used the logo to create a pattern that would be the element that ties all brand communications.


visual identity

The Gifted Agency then delivered a visual identity that spoke to those seeking to create a change in their lives. Infusing the brands' character into the company's marketing material we set the tone for what students should come to expect.

Catalogue Design

web development

Maximising online touch points

The challenge of taking the initiative online was to create a seamless funnel with ease of accessibility. The solution was to use social media as the beginning of the funnel leading students to a mobile-first website designed for one goal- convert visitors to students.

The responsiveness of the site ensures that potential students can have access from their mobile devices, helping the company capitalise on their online campaigns.

web design

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