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what we do

  • UI/UX Design
  • Landing pages
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  • Analytics

With everyone searching for solutions online, having a website is a vital online asset that can help your business be found by potential clients, allowing them to expirience your brand at their fingertips.

"93% of business purchase decisions a search engine search"

Look at it this way- you are probably on our page right now to decide on our website design services, gauge our level of professionalism and while you are here you are getting a feel of what we are about, or you are our competitor checking us out.

The Gifted Agency builds websites that can help your business tell its brand story, convey professionalism, and sell your offering in all hours of the day locally and internationally.

We build digital experiences for brands looking to dominate their industries online

our process

  • 1. Goal definition

    We work with clients to determine what goals the website needs to fulfill

    We identify your brand attributes, the type of audience the website is intended for and analyze and compare your competitions' websites against your goals.

  • 2. Scope definition

    With the goals defined, we now determine the scope of the web design project.

    In this step, we define what pages are needed and feature the website requires and the timeline for the project. This helps us stay within the budget and deliver on time.

  • 3. Sitemap & Wireframing

    Once the scope is defined, we then create the wesbite structure and how the pages relate to each other.

    Sitemaps help to guide the project in clearly defining the journey users will take in the website while wireframing give the visual direction of the website

  • 4. content creation

    With the website structure and framework defined, We now start creating content for the individual pages.

    Should it be in the clients' budget, we also write copy with SEO in mind to ensure that the website is optimized for search engines.

  • 5. Visual Design

    With the site structure and content in place, we start working on the visual elements of the website. This part of the process is shaped by your brand elements, color scheme, and logos to create website mock-ups showing all the visual elements of the pages.

  • 5. development & testing

    Referencing the mock-up, Our development team puts in the work in creating the actual website and with features outlined in the scope using various programming languages.

    We then test the website for things such as responsiveness,load speeds right down to micro-interactions

  • 5. Launch

    In collaboration with the client, we plan how the execution of the website launch

    The plan includes the timing of the launch and how to get the word out there.


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