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Zitho is a company that seeks to address #widefeetproblems elegantly and stylishly. The company makes shoes tailored for young women with wide feet and thick calves struggling to get stylish shoes and boots that fit.

They needed a brand that would resonate with its young and aspirational customer base while showcasing their unique selling proposition, and that's where we came in.

what's in a name?


First, we had to come up with the name for the brand. The company, being rooted in South Africa and inspired by the African female figure. We came up with the name Zitho, which is Zulu for limbs but affectionately used to describe women's thick legs, The name was perfect for the brands' mission, as thick legs are an attractive part of a woman's body in the African culture especially in the Zulu-speaking communities.

Apart from being short with an exotic sound to it, the name serves to shift the perspective of wide feet and thick calves from being a problem to an object of attraction which would resonate with the target market - bringing sexy back.


brand development

A step in the right direction

We then gave the brand an image that communicates style, quality, and craftsmanship utilising a clean and simple logo design for identification and a corporate identity with an open layout and a package design meant to give customers an experience of buying from a premium African brand.


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