Written by Sibusiso Buthelezi

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Brand Development can be a headache when approached without a system and strategy as it involves moving pieces that require consistency out of dynamic factors. So we have developed this process that helps extract excellence and accountability in six steps that we outlined below:

  • 1. Discovery
  • 2. Research
  • 3. Strategy
  • 4. Execution
  • 5. Guidance
  • 6. Deployment

Why we have this process.

Our Branding Services promise to transform your business from being a wallflower to a centrepiece of the market. To Fulfil that promise we’ve developed this process that ensures efficiency and transparency when working to build sustainable brands that attract your ideal clients/customers.

Our 6 step Brand Development process explained

Now let’s dig deeper into what to expect in each step.

Step 1. Discovery

The discovery session gives us an in-depth view of the company and its people resulting in insights to conduct research and develop strategies for success. We intend to discover who you are, what you stand for, what your goals are and your competition.

Step 2. Research.

After getting to know your company, we conduct research to gain insights on your target audience, what’s trending in your industry and your competition so we can craft strategies that give your business an added advantage.

Step 3. Strategy

Using the company’s vision and USP, we develop strategies on the positioning and messaging that will ensure that the company’s communications have a unified tone in all touchpoints. simply, we plan and create the perception the audience will conjure up when the brand is mentioned or seen.

Step 4. Execution

Now that the foundation is in place, we develop the visual expression of the brand. We create mood boards, explore multiple design solutions, then present them to the clients to decide. Once the direction has been chosen, we design and refine over a series of creative review round. We then finalize everything for application and launch.

Step 5. Guidelines

With the site structure and content in place, we start working on the visual expression of your website. In this part of the process, we infuse your brand identity into the design and then create mock-ups showing the static version of the pages.

Step 6. Deployment

Our development team puts in the work of coding the actual website. We reference the scope, wireframe and mock-up. 

We then test the website for things such as responsiveness, load speeds and micro-interactions.

A brand shouldn’t be an expense but an asset you can bank on. We approach every branding development project with that mindset and apply the branding process to make your brand unique, memorable, relevant and most importantly positive contributor to your bottom line.

If you want to turn your business into a brand or rebrand to attract the right customer, then CONTACT US.

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