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Allure travel is a brand that offers a highly personalized travelling service targeting high net-worth individuals seeking to explore without boundaries. The brand's personality is reflective of the eclectic soul and service offering that is tailored and unique to each client's needs


Allure Travel tasked us to craft a classy, simple & timeless identity that exudes finesse for people seeking luxury escapes on their own terms.

our Solution
Our Aproach

The approach to this project relied on extracting the “eclectic soul” of the brand while still positioning it as a luxury offering. We achieved this mission by using a non-restricted layout with ample white space, Typography that transcends the stylistic bounds of “luxury fonts” reflecting the unique experiences offered and a colour palette that gives the brand a tone of luxury and sophistication.

feed back

“The logo is appealing and I love how the A and T depict a private jet,  The Typography is smooth, simple and has that unique yet luxurious look and feel but I must say the colour combination is different and unexpected but it works.”

logo design

The brand mark was constructed to communicate how the service offering promises to remain fluid and tailored to the customer while breaking the norms of travelling and exploring.

The Use Of The Map As A Pattern Signifies Intimate Experience & Knowledge Of The Unique Locations A Traveller Would Have

web-design &development

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