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Ivory home is a brand that to the homemaker that appreciates the finer things in life, they sell a range of handcrafted decorative cushions is meant to add a touch of sophistication and class into every home they occupy.


The brand is up against the tough competition as they are taking on brands like @home and needed an identity that differentiates them while giving the perception that their offering is premium.

They also neeed a logo with an elephant or tusks as that would represent the name of the brand , however that brought up a challenge because those visual elements can be generic and pose a threat of being duplicated by other brands looking to use them. So they needed something truly unique to the brand.

our Solution
Our Aproach

We asked ourselves, how do we the representation of somethis as generic as an elphant ownable and unique? and how do we translate that throughout their brand identity?

After several iterations we finally arrived at a solution which was to creatively craft a monogran that represents the elephant and its tusks in a way that represents the brands uniqueness then translate that into their whole identity.

feed back

“I enjoy the originality of the logo because it still represents the name of the company. i also really love how it looks on the labelling”

Reabestwe Motsepe – Founder

logo design

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