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Tk luxe sents


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Tk luxe sents is a home fragrances brand run by two sisters who passionately mixes and infuses premium African scents that result in fragrances that bring life to any room. They make and sell candles, diffusers and bath salts for the everyday person looking to add luxury to their modern spaces.


TK luxe prides itself in their craft, they create unique scents that create air of luxury and class in  the rooms they fill, however their identity didn’t reflect that. The inconsistency translated throughout their content as they struggled to find a footing in their position.



our Solution
Our Aproach

We created a brand identity giving TK luxe scents a simple and sophisticated tone. This translated into a consistent representation of their brand from their logo design and colour palette through to their package design helping create a perception of a luxury offering.


Package design
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