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Zitho Footwear




Zitho is a company that seeks to address #widefeetproblems elegantly and stylishly. They seek to revolutionalise the wide fit sector in the footwear industry by tailored for young women with wide feet and thick calves struggling to get stylish shoes and boots that fit.


As challengers in the footwear industry, Zitho footwear needed a way to communicate its unique selling proposition and also occupy the position of being the premium brand in their niche.  They came to us needing a brand that would reflect their brand that their personality, craftsmanship and their taste for elegance and style.

our Solution
Our Aproach

Embracing and celebrating one’s identity became the key reference in developing a brand that communicates the brands’ promise and position. The Gifted Agency was responsible for creating all the visual elements that work to bring the company objective through the following disciplines:

1.Brand Strategy

After sessions of unearthing the foundation of the brand and and its goals and objectives, we developed a roadmap for that would ensure that the brand and business objectives are aligned in winning the hearts of its customers.

2. Naming

First, we had to come up with the name for the brand. The company, being rooted in South Africa and inspired by the African female figure. We came up with the name Zitho, which is Zulu for limbs but affectionately used to describe women’s thick legs, The name was perfect for the brands’ mission, as thick legs are an attractive part of a woman’s body in the African culture especially in the Zulu-speaking communities.

3.Brand Identity design

We then gave the brand an image that reflects style, quality, and craftsmanship from the logo design colour pallet to package and web design.

logo design

web design

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